Eliana Franco’s Nude Execution Scene

Last year, Colombian model Eliana Franco starred in a controversial nude photo shoot forĀ  Soho magazine (Colombia’s version of Playboy). The scene recreates the last moments of a busty patriotic heroine being executed by Spanish loyalists during her country’s war of independence.

The scene caused something of a stir in Colombia where many considered it distasteful and disrespectful. Of course to a sadist like me, I’m just glad to see a thinly veiled erotic execution scene making it to a mainstream medium, even if it is just limited to Colombia.

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4 Responses to Eliana Franco’s Nude Execution Scene

  1. max3virgin says:

    The execution of La Pola is here
    In this movie she has her hands chained in the back and she is shot in the back sitting on a chair. She is not dead immediately and they don’t give her the”coup de grace” an let her bleed to death

  2. jim woodward says:

    i haven’t been able to find much more than what you have posted. is eliana actually shot? i would love to see pics of her bullet riddled body

  3. javc says:

    where could i find video?

  4. miobs says:

    la pola erotica me dejo mi polla erotica para darte como a rata por el culo, una perra demasiado sexual

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