Bound, Blindfolded and Kneeling

Some vintage Japanese bondage photos. Though not a necessarily part of a beheading scenes per se, the women do look like they are waiting for some samurai master to come along and practice his swing.











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Lightspear Russian Rope Bondage

A Russian site, available in English, which hosts hundreds of free bondage pictures and great pay videos.

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Bound and Waiting

Not sure about the origins of this artwork (South America most likely) but I like it.


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Muki’s Kitchen

Typically I’m not into the cannibalism scene but I can’t help my recent fascination with this website. Muki’s Kitchen is a site dedicated to the gynophagia (female eating) fetish. Despite not sharing this particular fetish, I found the site and it’s contents to be very erotic.

The depictions are comparatively very tame and not at all graphic which turns me off of most Dolcett type media. Also a plus is the appearance of some well known BDSM models and actresses including Jewell Marceau and Chanta Rose.

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Firing Squad Scene

Some more artwork from Japan. This time depicting a western firing squad execution. I love how the target has been pinned to her flesh with a needle. That’s new to me.


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